About vRealm

Board of Directors

Ali Aldubaisi


I sincerely believe that learning requires passion and if you're not passionate about what your learning then is it really worth your time? Facing academic challenges in college made me realize that I was facing these challenges because I wasn't learning, I was simply fulfilling a set of tasks to that structure the almighty Grade Point Average (GPA). I realized that if I continue like this then I would graduate with a list of completed tasks, which was absolutely discouraging. I had to redesign the way I was studying in the hopes of finding a way to appreciate what I was studying. After experimenting with different study methods, I eventually found one that works best for me. This method was simply determining my areas of weakness and shaping a strategy that targets the weakness. This is why it is our mission to personalize learning for all of our students at vRealm. 


Maysara Aljumaily

Vice President

My perspective on education comes from a firm belief that education is a right for every human being to accept or deny. Education institutes make it so difficult for working students to have coexistence between education and work. Many unprivileged students pick a career path right out of high school instead of getting a college education due to financial difficulties. My hope for vRealm is to become the bridge that links students with their dreams of continuing college education. Throughout my career path, I worked with many hardworking men and women looking to advance in their careers. However, their limited education is blocking them from their desire to grow in their career. To conclude, my passion is to help and provide resources for adults eagerly looking to grow themself career-wise through continuing education or recreational training.  


Yousif Alturaihi

Senior Director

From moving into the United States to the moment I earned my bachelor's degree, the only concept that kept bottling my mind was the nine types of intelligence by Howard Gardner. We do not leverage our educational resources or wisely correspond them into the proper tools into work.I have spent the past six years working in the aviation industry, SaaS technology, government contracting, and Attaché offices in the Washington D.C metropolitan area. At vRealm, we believe that quality education must be limitless to all. With advanced technological innovations, we are eager to commit to our mission to empower individuals to be superb with the right tools and materials, both academically and professionally.


Dr. Rao Mulpuri

Senior Director

Dr. Venkata Rao Mulpuri received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oregon State University in 1985. He has been involved in Pre-K to Ph.D. level education since 1979. He mentored nearly 2000 middle and high school students, many of whom got into the top 25 universities in the US. He received 35 research Grant awards, is a co-inventor of 5 patents, written 4 book chapters and more than 150 refereed journal articles, and supervised 20 completed Ph.D. theses. He is a co-founder of national-level Math, Science, Coding, and Spelling competitions and organizes expert seminars on varied STEM areas for Middle and High-school students to inspire them for pursuing STEM education. He volunteered his time for many non-profit organizations to teach math classes for elementary-, middle- and high-school students. He is advising vRalm Inc in planning and running classes for high-school and college students.