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Frequently asked questions

ESL Courses

How will you detemrine my level?

Prior to the first session, you will recieve an online placement test to take in order to determine your reading and writing level. And during your first session, the instructor will determine your speaking and listening level.

How will I attend the class?

All lessons will be conducted on virtual classroom where you will be meeting face-to-face with your instructor and classmates. You will have access to a private dashboard where you can view all lessons, assignments, and schedules.

How will I enter the live session?

You will recieve an email that includes the link to your live session. All you have to do after is click on the link and you will redirected to the online classroom.

Are classes taught live?

All of our classes are taught live.

How long is each class?

Each class is scheduled for 1 hour. However, if you need more time with the instructor you can schedule a private session after class.

When are classes scheduled?

Classes are scheduled twice a week at pre-determined time. We will be posting schedules in the upcoming weeks.

Need more info?

If you are feeling a little lost or need more information regarding the course. Give us a call and an expert would be more than happy to answer all of your questions.