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Your personal guide to success.

A Journey of a Million Miles Begins with One Footstep; Take Yours.

We are a mentoring platform that connects students and young professionals with experienced mentors from different backgrounds and locations.


We consider several aspects of what makes each person unique 


A mentor by your side guiding you to success.


Learn the best ways to overcome your challenges.

Connect with professionals from different industries and areas of expertise

Making the first step towards successful career is intimidating, thats why we connect students with mentors that can provide guidance on how to get there. It's not easy asking for help or advice, but we make it easier by providing a safe place for our mentees to get advice from people that have been there before.

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Build your knowledge and skills beyond the classroom

Mentoring is a powerful tool that can transform your professional and personal life. It provides mentees with new perspectives and insights, helps them achieve their professional goals, builds their confidence and provides them with valuable advice. Mentors benefit from the experience as well since they get to pass on their knowledge and make an impact by giving back to those who need it most.

Accessibility and Diversity

With Footsteps, our aim is to make mentoring accessible to people that are unable to find mentors around them. We also aim to promote diversity by connecting underrepresented minorities with role models and leaders from all around the world.

Working Together

Get Ready to Maximize Your Success with Footsteps

Logo - Footsteps -1.png

Your personal guide to success.

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