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3 Tips to Improve Your English

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Learning English can open many doors for you, both professionally and socially. You may feel daunted by the language, as many people consider it to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. Even native speakers struggle!

With dedication, you can become fluent in English. Below are some of our best tips for learning English.

English instructor teaching her student

Tips for Learning English

1. Goal-Setting

Start by creating goals and milestones for yourself. You may choose to learn a certain number of words each week or complete a specific amount of a program you're using.

Next, create a schedule for reaching your goals. Break it down into small chunks, so that you can feel like you're getting some wins early on. Celebrate as you reach your milestones.

2. Practice

Learning a language isn't a skill you can work on once a week. You need to practice daily to keep it fresh on your mind. Go over new words daily. Find a friend who's also learning English and set up a weekly date to study together.

If you have trouble staying accountable, take a class. You may be more likely to stick to practicing if you're working with others. You may also want to set up practice times with a friend who speaks English. Have a chat so you can practice. Try to be confident and don't worry if you make mistakes.

3. Words First, Grammar Second

Focus on learning words before getting into grammar. English grammar has an unfamiliar structure for many new speakers. Build up your vocabulary first and then work on grammar.


Top 3 Language-Teaching Apps

Download a free app on your smartphone or tablet to help you learn the language. Many apps feature interactive games so you can practice speaking and recognizing the English language.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can learn English with the right attitude and practice. Keep working hard and you'll be speaking like a native before you know it.


Interested In a Course?

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