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Distance Learning

Distance learning programs are becoming the most popular and viable way of teaching and learning. More and more people are registering for distance learning programs at different schools. Distance learning program gives freedom to a student to learn at their own pace, their own schedule and at their own convenience.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning can be defined as an education program imparted by a university beyond the barriers of its campus and taken by a student outside the walls of a university. A distance learning program is a medium that connects students to the universities of the world.

Instructional Delivery

Distance learning is given through the electronic media and study materials supplied by the school for a particular course. It helps students to upgrade their educational qualifications even when they are tied up in their working schedules. Some businesses also use distance learning to train their employees as it is less time-consuming, less expensive, and adds to the human resource enrichment of the business.

Course Enrollment

To enroll in a distance learning course, one must be sure as to what kind of specialization one is looking for. An extensive study must then be done to find out in detail about the schools that offer the course wanted. The time duration of the course, the fees, the software needed, and the time of exam must also be checked. The most important factor that should be checked is that whether the school or university is accredited or not, one should not register in a university that is not accredited.

Pros and Cons

Every coin has two sides and a distance learning program is not an exception to the rule. While distance learning program is advantageous as it helps people to continue with their education despite their demanding schedule it also has some disadvantages. It may fail to motivate a student to study resulting in no good for the candidate, this shows registering yourself is not sufficient, you must also have a drive-in yourself to continue with the study. The success of distance education also depends on the success of the technology. And without a good support system and infrastructure, distance learning may be a failure.

Thus, we can say that distance learning is a boon for today’s busy and demanding world but it also demands a significant level of maturity from its students.


5 Free Distance Learning Resources

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