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The National Math And Reading Scores Have Reached A Historic Low

The latest Nation's Report Card results released Monday for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) show declines in both reading and math scores in grades 4 and 8. Average national reading scores in 2022 have gone back to levels last seen in the 1990s, and math scores have seen the largest declines ever recorded.

Compared to 2019 (before the pandemic):

  • Average scores declined in both subjects and grades.

  • Average scores declined for most states in both subjects and grades.

  • Students' confidence in their mathematics and reading skills declined.

SOURCE: National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2022 School Survey, IES

National, State, and District Results

There were no improvements in eighth-grade mathematics scores in any state or large urban district since the assessment was last given in 2019. Eighth grade is a pivotal moment in students' mathematics education. If left unaddressed, this could reduce their abilities to pursue rewarding careers in mathematics, science, and technology.

National Results

Nationally, the average mathematics score for fourth graders dropped five points since 2019 and the average reading score fell three points. The percentage of students performing below the NAEP Basic level increased across both subjects and grade levels from 2019 to 2022. The NAEP Basic level represents partial mastery of prerequisite knowledge and skills that are fundamental for performance at the NAEP Proficient level. The most widespread declines were in eighth-grade mathematics scores, which declined across most racial and ethnic groups.

State Results

In most states, scores declined in 2019 for fourth and eighth-grade mathematics and reading. In 33 states, reading scores declined, did not change in 18, and rose in one.

District Results

The average fourth-grade reading score for large city schools declined three points since the last assessment in 2019, but the average grade 8 reading score did not decline.

  • Average scores for fourth-grade mathematics did not change in three districts.

  • average scores for eighth-grade mathematics did not change in four districts.

  • Average scores for fourth-grade reading held steady in a majority of districts.

  • Average scores for eighth-grade reading increased in one district.

What This Means For You

This will impact students' academic progress and affect their career trajectory. It's crucial for schools, parents, and students to battle this by accelerating their learning to get caught up. These results are alarming, but they're not surprising. We've known for a while that the US education system is failing our students, especially in response to the effects of COVID-19 on our student's academic progress. The NAEP results only confirm what many have been saying: American children are not sufficiently prepared for college and career readiness.

What Can You Do?

  • If you're a parent, get involved with your child's education and help them study. It's essential to be actively engaged in their learning process and ensure they have the tools they need to succeed.

  • If you're a student, it's time to take matters into your own hands. Start to look for external resources such as online tutoring, where you can get the additional support need that helps you advance in class.

  • If you're a teacher or school admin, providing students with the tools and resources that are supplemental to their classroom instruction is vital to their progress. The most important thing you can do is make sure that your students have access to the resources they need to succeed. Provide them with the support and guidance of a professional tutor to help strengthen their comprehension of in-class material.

How We Can Help

vRealm has been ahead in bridging the gap for students by personalizing by tailoring our academic support to the individual student's need to comprehend complex subjects and ultimately getting ahead. We are successful in doing this because taking into account students' learning preferences, academic challenges, and even their school's curriculum standards. The unique and innovative approach to education is what makes us the ideal choice to help your students get ahead. We provide tutors that are highly qualified, experienced in the subject matter, and best of all, they are passionate about what they do!

Schedule a time to speak with one of our advisors to create a custom plan for you or for your student.

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