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Why Parents Should Consider Private Tutoring

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Although the SAT is sometimes seen as a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is also true that it might assist you in achieving your ultimate goal. One of the most crucial aspects of your future profession is getting accepted to college. This test can be used to determine your academic ability in order to be admitted to the institution or university of your choice.

What is the SAT, and Why Does it Matter?

For high school students, the SAT is an enormously essential exam. The SAT is used by college admissions committees to compare applicants from different high schools, albeit this is not totally true. Because of the structure of the test (multiple choice questions), manipulating the results is relatively simple. With this in mind, it's critical that you study well while also comprehending why you're taking the exam. The big question, therefore, is how can one pass SATs?

How to Prepare for the SAT?

1. Read section direction before the test: Before taking the test, ensure that you review the directions for each SAT section. The time allocated for the test should be strictly used for the test and not reading directions.

2. Answer the questions you know first: As you go through each section, answer the questions you know first. For the questions that you do not have immediate answers to, mark them so you can return to them later.

3. Eliminate incorrect answers: It is easier to eliminate incorrect answers as compared to identifying correct answers.

4. Trust your intuition: The first answer that comes to your head is usually correct, so go with it. Unless you are absolutely sure that there is an error in your answer, do not change it.

5. Avoid stray marks: This is an important point because SATs are scored by machine and a stray mark can be mistaken for a wrong answer. Keep it neat.

6. Select ONE answer for each question: Each question has only one correct answer. When in a dilemma, select the answer you believe is the best.

7. Do NOT leave any question unanswered: If you do not have any ideas regarding the answer to a question, make a probable guess. However, guessing is the last option after you have tried and eliminated at least an answer you think is wrong.

8. Tackle the easy questions first: Typically, easy questions precede more challenging questions. This approach will save you time.

It is worth noting that the tips discussed above are not exhaustive. However, applying them will improve your overall performance as well as in the individual sections of the SAT. Keep in mind that the better your SAT score the better your chance of getting accepted to a reputable college or university.

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