Charles El Hajj

Charles El Hajj

    Expert in teaching math, physics, and chemistry with over 28 years of experience.


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I am a math, physics, and chemistry teacher. I have been tutoring students (one on one) since 1993 and teaching secondary classes (9th, 10th, 11th, and freshman) since 1998. I specialize in preparing students for the SAT1, SAT2, GRE, UKKAT, GMAT, BMAT, GCSE, and TAGE-MAGE in math, physics, and chemistry. The private tutoring part of my career allowed me to understand the needs, difficulties, and gaps that a student might have and find solutions for each and every one of them. I teach in French and in English both the Lebanese and French curricula and the IB program. I helped many schools in the development of their math curriculum from elementary to secondary classes. As soon as the COVID-19 outbreak hit my country, I developed and implemented an online teaching system that allowed me to complete the curriculum and finish my student's preparation using a combination of Zoom, Google Classroom, MicrosoftWhiteboard, Casio Classpad emulator, and other apps.
I used my knowledge in this field to continue the online one-on-one tutoring for my students in Lebanon and abroad. After 28 years of teaching regular classes, I discovered in online learning, during those last 3 semesters, a lot of benefits are not present in everyday learning:. Ease of access: you can work ( as a teacher or a student) at your convenience, wherever you please. . possibility of reviewing at your rhythm ( i always record my sessions and send the videos later). The use of e-technologies allows me to connect different applications ( 3d drawing, graphing calculator, spreadsheets, ...) a lot easier to do online than in a regular class. One-on-one sessions give me time and opportunity to address each student's difficulty and fill all the gaps. Flexibility: you can always arrange with your student a convenient time. Since I am the math coordinator in the school where I teach, I organized training sessions for online teaching for all the teachers. I used my knowledge in this field to continue the online one-on-one tutoring for my students in Lebanon and abroad.


• Algebra 1 • Algebra 2 • Geometry • Biology • Physics • Chemistry

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