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Frequently asked questions

Get Answers to Your Questions about vRealm's Online Tutoring Services

  • What will I learn?
    With vRealm, you will be able to overcome any academic challenge and get the most out of your learning experience. We offer courses and tutoring for students of all ages and levels in a variety of subjects, so we are sure to have something that will suit your needs.
  • What subjects does vRealm offer tutoring in?
    vRealm offers tutoring in a wide range of subjects, including math, science, English, history, and many others. We have a diverse pool of tutors who are knowledgeable in many different subjects and can help students of all levels. Here are the subject areas in which we currently offer online tutoring: Math Tutoring Science Tutoring English Tutoring Languages Tutoring Business Tutoring Computing Tutoring PSAT/NMSQT Tutoring SAT Tutoring ACT Tutoring AP Tutoring
  • Who is teaching and why should we learn from vRealm?
    Our tutors are the best in the business, and they help students overcome their academic challenges by tailoring their approach to each student's unique needs. They're trained to use a variety of methods to help students achieve their goals, which means we can find the right fit for you whether you're struggling with writing essays or need some extra help preparing for an upcoming exam.
  • How does your program differ from other programs?
    When you're looking for a tutor, you want someone who can really get to know you and your goals. Someone who knows how to work with you and help you achieve your objectives. At vRealm, we understand that process is everything. When we match students with tutors, we don't just look at their standard metrics—we consider everything about them. Our tutoring matching algorithm looks at the student's learning style and needs, as well as the tutor's availability, experience level, and more to find the best possible pairing for each student. We believe that this kind of individualized attention is what sets us apart from other companies in our industry!
  • As a high school student who's struggling in a specific subject, is it possible to successfully learn and get ahead?
    With vRealm Tutoring, you'll get the most out of your learning experience. We'll work with you one-on-one to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then we'll create a learning program that's tailored specifically for you. You'll have the tools in place to support your learning journey, and you'll be on your way to reaching your academic goals!
  • What’s the schedule and time commitment for me?
    One of the key components of our program is ensuring flexibility for our students. We know how hard it can be to juggle so many things at once, which is why we've designed a scheduling process that works around their schedules—not vice versa. Each student has the ability to set their own tutoring availability for their tutors to use and schedule sessions accordingly. Students can also change their availability at any time.
  • How much does it cost?
    Unlike other tutoring services, we want you to be able to afford expert help without breaking the bank. That's why our pricing model is designed with your interests in mind: it promises one-hour sessions at a competitive price point and no artificial limits on subject coverage. Our online tutoring packages start at $60 per hour and includes: one-on-one, live instruction with your expert tutor detailed session notes and homework help a dedicated student success member to oversee your program
  • What’s the payment schedule like?
    To make it even more flexible and affordable, you have the option to pay in installments. Upon deciding on a package, we will work with you to set a payment schedule that you are comfortable with.
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