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Unlock Your Students Learning Potential


Personalized Tutoring with vRealm and MindPrint

With vRealm and the Mindprint assessment, you'll receive comprehensive insights into your student's cognitive abilities and have the tools to support their individual needs. 

Comprehensive Assessments

Assesses 10 areas of cognitive ability and functioning.

Personalized and Group Results

Provides both individual and group performance data.

Time-Efficient Testing

Minimizes test-taking time without sacrificing accuracy.

Evidence-Based Intervention Strategies

Uses scientifically supported approaches for improvement.

Flexible Administration

Allows for individualized or group testing in various settings.

Aligned with Common Core Standards

 Meets educational standards for academic achievement.

Personalized Learning Strategies

The Mindprint assessment provides a precise portrait of each student's unique learning style. This allows our tutors to tailor their instruction and strategies to meet each student's specific needs, resulting in more efficient and effective learning.

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MindPrint Profile.png
MindPrint Profile.png

Improved Tutoring Efficiency

With the Mindprint assessment, our tutors can immediately pinpoint the areas where a student needs the most help and start with personalized strategies on day one. This saves time and effort, as the tutors don't have to go through a process of trial and error with each student to see what works.

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The Mindprint Assessment was developed by neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania. It is used by leading institutions around the world, including NASA.


Empower Your Students for Success

Booking a consultation to learn more about the Mindprint Assessment is the first step towards unlocking personalized student success.

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