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Why You Should Take Regular Study Breaks

My biggest problem is that I get distracted easily, I can’t stay focused for a long time, I easily get bored when I try to study, especially if I don’t like the subject.

Why this statement sounds so familiar? Because it's a conversation you and your inner you had at some point of the semester. It's a statement you ran through on social media outlets, influencers, and schoolmates. Many of us are familiar with taking study breaks, midday work breaks, or just cut some slack break. But how much science can diffuse into this easy puzzle of mastering the perfect and productive habits.

Let's start with things you MUST do to make learning more pleasant and less sluggish:

  • Arrange and decorate the place where you learn as aesthetically as possible so that you enjoy spending time there

  • Have a drink near you that you like

  • Write down the notes by hand. Writing it down can make you remember faster.

  • Write down what you summarize.

  • Highlight with a neon-colored marker the most essential information so you can visualize it better. It works even better if you have a visual memory.

  • Have a lucky pen and use it every time you study.


So Why should you take study breaks and when?

To answer the first part of the question is easy; to recharge, unplug, and unwind.

When do you have to take a break? After 25-30mins of concrete focus. We're talking a complete zoned in, no distraction, no picking up the phone, saying hi to a friend, or going to the bathroom. The truth is your brain doesn't need 30 minutes to get some rest. Actually, for most people, it takes about 5 minutes. It is enough time to drink water, call a friend, stretch or even check a meme on Twitter (if you have the discipline to do that for only 5 minutes). Then, when you go back to studying, your efficiency level will be very high. Repeat this process until you are done with learning. This is the famous Marty Lobdell's Method, who you probably watched his renowned video on the web.

The truth to be told, this is the safest and Socratic way of learning and staying on top of your academic or hefty tasks. Don't forget to plan accordingly, turn your phone off and drink your water.


Want to read more about study hacks or have an interesting topic you want to share with us? We are all ears listening, contact us or message us directly on our vRealm website

Talk soon,


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